Happy Anniversary to Phil & Ester

Wedding light fixtures

Sometimes our customers astonish us by turning something basic into the extraordinary. At Sundial Wire™ we sell quite a bit of black twisted pair wire, in fact it’s our number one seller. So when someone buys a spool of it we don’t always ask ourselves what they plan to do with it because hey – it’s the little black dress of electrical wire.

Which made us all the more tickled when we read about Ester and Phil’s wedding a few years back and their use of black twisted pair wire to illuminate dozens of Edison style bulbs for a beautiful maker style wedding.

Black twisted pair fixtures ready to hang

Light fixtures set and handing for the wedding

Edison style hanging wedding lights

Edison bulb lights for Esther and Phils wedding

To top it off they reused their wedding lights as part of their wedding thank-you notes. We were touched at their thoughtfulness at giving their guests something to remember the day with.

Thank you cards with homemade lights

One varriation of the wedding light thank yous

Edison style wedding thank you

From all of us at Sundial Wire™ we’re wishing you a very happy anniversary Ester and Phil!

Happy Anniversary Esther and Phil

Photo credits: Phil Tucker

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