Happy Anniversary to Phil & Ester

Wedding light fixtures

Sometimes our customers astonish us by turning something basic into the extraordinary. At Sundial Wire™ we sell quite a bit of black twisted pair wire, in fact it’s our number one seller. So when someone buys a spool of it we don’t always ask ourselves what they plan to do with it because hey – it’s the little black dress of electrical wire.

Which made us all the more tickled when we read about Ester and Phil’s wedding a few years back and their use of black twisted pair wire to illuminate dozens of Edison style bulbs for a beautiful maker style wedding.

Black twisted pair fixtures ready to hang Continue reading Happy Anniversary to Phil & Ester

Lisa Raphael – Raphael Creations

Raphael Creations vintage camera lamp

We’d like to introduce Lisa Raphael of Raphael Creations. Lisa has been a Sundial Wire™ customer since 2012 and we chatted with her to find out more about her work and the process she brings to creating her pieces.

Lisa Raphael of Raphael Creations

Sundial Wire™: Could you describe your work and how you got started making lighting?

Lisa Raphael: Growing up, I collected many different artifacts – from cameras to typewriters and instruments. I create functional artwork out of vintage non-working materials. Raphael Creations started with an old Underwood typewriter that was collecting dust. Next thing you know, I turned it into a lamp. I literally started creating lighting out of anything I could get my hands on as long as it was early 1800s and 1900s. Continue reading Lisa Raphael – Raphael Creations